About Us

Company Overview : 


Sunny Gems are famous throughout the world for stones of superb quality at the most competitive prices.
We specialise in finished gems and semi-precious gems of almost every variety. We're widely known for our beads too.
You can trust Sunny Gems. We've been in business since 1991 and have developed long and rewarding relationships with customers everywhere.


Mission :


The Sunny Gems promise to you
As a customer you are like family to us. We do whatever it takes to keep you happy. 

We promise to offer the widest range of high quality stones and beads for the most competitive prices.

We promise to deliver your order within the time we agree.

We promise to always treat you courteously and respond to your needs quickly.

Above all, we promise to keep our promises. When the friendly, knowledgeable people at Sunny Gems give you their word, it is set in stone. Precious stone.